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Sarasota Mothercare is Dedicated to you and your sweet baby


Why go it alone when you can have expert support every step of the way?

Congratulations! You're having a BABY! That's pretty amazing, right?!?

There is no greater possible life change then becoming a parent, whether it is your first or your fifth.

Sarasota Mothercare is here for you, every single step of the way. We are dedicated to making your entry into parenthood supported, nurtured, and secure. It doesn't have to be full of torturous sleepless nights, rocky, and isolating the way media portrays it. We're here to tell you that there is a better way.

When you work with Sarasota Mothercare you have a team of support that is steadfast and unwavering.

We provide this level of support for you, your baby, and your family with knowledge and flexibility, because we truly care and love this work. We specialize in providing one-of-a-kind concierge doula support and complementary services that give you the opportunity to overcome the hurdles and celebrate the milestones that make up pregnancy, birth, and the postpartum stage.

We promise to provide you with education and assistance as you plan for, go through, and recover from childbirth, encouragement as you gain confidence in your new roles as parents, practical support with your home and family, and nurturing as you put your wellbeing and the wellbeing of your entire family first.

What makes us different?

We believe that a healthier mother leads to a healthier, happier family.

For your baby to reach his or her full potential they need you to focus on caring for yourself and for them. We're here to help you do just that. We'll help you be the best possible parent you can be, and the best possible partner you can be.

We do this because we believe in mothers, families, and the essential quality of unconditional support.


Our Approach

Sarasota Mothercare support starts with a concierge doula consultation from expert doula and owner Cheryl Kindred, with a decade of experience and over 500 families served. Each client is supported by a perfectly matched doula to ensure seamless support and strong relationships for your birth and parenthood journey. Behind the scenes, we maintain positive relationships and knowledge about policies and options with your care providers, so we can create a wonderful team for you and your family. You have our 100% guarantee of support from
the moment you select Sarasota Mothercare for Doula support, for as long as you desire our care.

Our Mission

The Sarasota Mothercare mission is to provide the most excellent doula support for birthing and new families. In doing so we create relationships that will nurture every mother and family we serve, elevating the motherhood path to one that is celebrated and supported.

We do this by listening to our client's unique needs and supporting each family unconditionally, recognizing that every individual journey into motherhood is one of a kind and unwavering support is the heart of doula work. 

our promise

At Sarasota Mothercare, we pledge to always bring our best to your family. We promise you our:

  • impartial, non-judgmental, and unwavering support
  • highest level of professionalism and reliability
  • concierge style care with layers of support
  • deep respect for your family’s autonomy, individuality, and decisions
  • expertise and up-to date knowledge in our field
  • commitment to your confidentiality and privacy

“There is no one right way to be a mother. There is only the right way for you and your unique family. in whatever ways you need it, you have our unconditional support. ”

Cheryl Kindred  |  Founder of Sarasota Mothercare


Are we right for you?

Maybe you're sure of your gut decisions and confident that with Sarasota Mothercare by your side you can retain as much control over your process as possible and adjust to you life as parents with greater ease and .

Perhaps you are nervous, but hope that with you and your partner supported by your "birth and baby sherpas" that you'll be able to enter parenthood with flexibility, security and in the most family-centered of ways.

Or maybe you crave building a relationship with your doulas; knowing that we will be just as excited as you are about your birth plans and your parenthood journey of your beautiful baby, and you want the connection and reassurance that we will believe in you even if you're no longer so sure yourself!

It could be you have carefully weighed your options, you've done your research, and you know that with a doula by your side you are more likely to experience birth and parenthood with greater satisfaction and lower rates of interventions, complications, and setbacks; all the while understanding each stage and development.

If any of these resonate with you then you're in the right place.

Whatever it was that drew you to Sarasota Mothercare, we look forward to providing you with our very best: compassionate care and a deep sensitivity to your needs. We will meet you where you are with unwavering support.

We support YOU and see you as an individual.

First timers or seasoned parents; surprise baby, thoroughly planned, or anywhere in between, we're here for you. Attachment theory, scheduled parenting, or somewhere in the middle, we support you unconditionally. Whether you are planning a birth in the hospital, at your home, in the birthing center or if you're still undecided- it's OK!  

We look forward to making sure the most meaningful time of your life is a strong foundation for your entire family.


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